SEMCHEN: Vegetarian movement in Little Lhasa

By Tashi Tsering, The Times of Tibet, March 3, 2005

Dharamsala, India -- As the profound teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama commenced on the full moon day in positive vibration so, followed the mission of the "Tibetan Volunteers for animals" headed by Rapsel Tsariwa with his diligent co-workers in swift flow in gravitating the crowd in exploring the animal realm ill-treatment and the vulnerability of pain!-where onlookers comprehend in total shock.

This non- governmental organization strives to foster the practicality of Buddhist core message into action of holding all mother sentient beings to treat in equal respect and freedom.

The "Rooster Year" a year of austerity signifies to them as an opportunity to dedicate for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The impact of the mission is remarkable in gently convincing 11 thousand compassionate Tibetans to convert fully to Vegetarian and many are on good scale of reducing the consumption of meat.

The activity covers photo exhibition to distribution of booklets and documentary CDs which are sold in the minimum rates.

Semchen, their first official magazine on vegetarianism was published and distributed in large quantity in both English and Tibetan languages, and surprisingly, all the young people were impressed with excitement to get this unexpected magazine in their hands. Enchanting motto of "live and Let Live" endures the immeasurable pains of animals and creating awareness about the freedom to live in harmony and serenity being inborn in animals as well.

The organization sustains with financial and moral assistance from the His Holiness office and with its consent a show was projected at Thecken Choeling cathedral of the severity of pain and sufferings inflicted on the harmless animals. People were shattered to comprehend the merciless activities and on the spot 45 Tibetans made commitment for live not to take meat. The atmosphere of positive vibration in living with animals in harmony and compassion is growing in a great tendency. There is full of appreciation on the mission from every breath by the animal lovers and particularly western Sanghas and Indian tourists. The organizer believes that ?Animals have equal right to live in complete freedom and happiness which accords to Dharma". The project meets to the aspiration of all.

TVA's main aims and objectives are:

  1. To foster the understanding that all sentient beings on Earth have an equal right to life from the smallest of ants to the largest of animals like the elephant or whale.
  2. To educate Tibetan youth about Vegetarianism.
  3. To encourage Tibetans to become Vegetarian.
  4. To contribute to the protection of the environment and assist in the promotion of world peace.

Contact for information and feedbacks
Rapsel Tsariwa (President)
Tibetan Volunteers for Animals
14/2, S.R. Garden, Viveknagar Post, Bangalore-47