Samaritan Buddhist monks render social service in Gaya

ThaiIndian, December 15th, 2009

Saidpur, India -- Mahabodhi Society, the apex body of Buddhists in India with the aid of a couple of like-minded voluntary organisations has set up a tailoring centre and also a free medical clinic for the poor people at Saidpur, a Maoist infested village in Gaya district.

At a simple function, Sivali Thero, a senior functionary of the Mahabodhi Society inaugurated the tailoring centre where the local girls will be trained.

He said that plans are afoot to set up similar centres at several other villages in Bihar.”Mahabodhi Society of India with the help of other institutions will try to carry out similar programmes in other villages also. This programme will not remain restricted to this village only. We will reach out to other neighbouring villages here,” said Sivali Thero.

This noble project by the Buddhist monks has earned kudos from different quarters since even government agencies have avoided from venturing in areas under the Maoists influence and institute such vocational and allied social services.

The residents are a happy lot as they are able to avail medical treatment, usually out of their reach and at no cost.