Buddhist-Hindu brotherhood

By Janaka Perera, Asian Tribune, June 30, 2006

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- A major conference will be held at Kandy on July 1 to discuss the formation of a Buddhist-Hindu brotherhood. All Buddhist and Hindu organizations in the Kandy District will be represented at this meeting, which will be held at the Sri Palipana Chandrananda Memorial International Buddhist Conference Hall, Asgiriya.

Two members from each organization will participate in this conference - the objectives, which include the protection of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist and Hindu religious and cultural heritage and meeting the threats to the country’s age-old moral values and traditions that are largely common to both communities.

While admitting that occasional disputes had occurred between Buddhists and Hindus in the past, the organizers nevertheless feel that their unity is essential at this juncture not only to challenge Christian evangelists and the forces of unbridled commercialism, but also to prevent continued attempts by certain groups, especially sections of the foreign media to misinterpret the prevailing national crisis, as a Buddhist-Hindu conflict.

The conveners of the conference are Dr. H.B. Jayasinghe (Buddhist) and K.Vigneshwaran (Hindu).