Radiologist launches book on Buddha Dhamma

By M. P. Muttiah, Lanka daily News, Dec 19, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Governor of Southern Province, Kingsley Wickramaratne says that everything changes in the fast moving world, except the teachings of Lord Buddha, which are more than two thousand five hundred years old. Therefore, it has become necessary for everyone to learn and practice the Buddha Dhamma.

Governor was the Chief Guest at the launching of the book 'Stay in the Light', authored by Consultant Radiologist Dr. Kalyani Miranda, at the BMICH on Thursday. This book gives a scientific explanation of planetary influence on physical body, mind, and inter-relation of karma, nature, life and soul.

Wickramaratne said Dr. Miranda had evaluated strong and weak points of humankind. Her book was originated from the concern for humanity and showed the path of the Dhamma for the present era. Service to humanity was the best way of life that the author had proved by her deeds.

Dr. Gunadasa Amaresekera reviewing the book said it clearly showed the intellectual pursuit of the present generation. The education system introduced after 1958 prevented the younger generation from understanding what was happening around the world.

Though the writer, a consultant radiologist, she belonged to the new generation and had a talent and mind to scientifically evaluate the Lotus Sutra or Saddharma Pundarika Sutra, that Lord Buddha preached at the Giggakuta Mountain and declared it as the Supreme Sutra of all sutras he had preached. She is an exception when considered to other professionals who are confined to a particular field.

Amarasekera said the author had attempted to enlighten the humanity with Bhakti Marga. The scientific evaluation of Lotus Sutra by Dr. Kalyani was more relevant today as this Sutra provided solace to the mind and enhanced its quality to a higher level by giving extra guidance.

Dr. Miranda, explained that Lotus Sutra had answered most of the questions that she asked while she was a child, and as a radiologist, she was able to justify these answers to her inquiring mind. She said, that one unique power influenced all the people and that this was common to all living beings and was shared by the whole world, thereby, uniting all in spirit and soul.

She added that Buddhism was a probing, rational religion, which promised to have a major impact on modern times. She added that this book was the result of her 18 years of experience with Lotus Sutra.

Asoka Somaratne delivered the welcome address. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals attended the book launch.