International Buddhist Meditation Centre in Morathiha

Lanka Daily News, Sept 24, 2007

KURUNEGALA, Sri Lanka -- The Bambaragala International Buddhist Meditation Centre situated at Morathiha in the North Western Province is about 13 miles from Kurunegala town.

Proceed along Kurunegala-Kandy road for about three miles and turn left at Mallawapitiya junction on Keppitigala road.

Proceed about 10 miles up to Morathiha junction and you can see a board indicating the Bambaragala International Buddhist Meditation Centre.

From the Morathiha junction travel about another three miles on the tarred road and you can come to the Meditation Centre situated in a valley surrounded by a range of mountains.

The environment has become more picturesque because of the paddy fields. The coconut estates and paddy fields which are situated in the valley are owned by the villagers while the hill side is gifted by nature.

The caves are in the upper part of the mountain are not yet cleaned. The area is somewhat dry but flowers and leaves grow during the rainy season.

In the shrine room there is a statue of the Buddha.

A sacred Bo-tree is planted at the entrance to the jungle and receives respect and honour from the devotees. Monks are living a little away from the meditation hall.

The hermitages are on the hill side of the mountain.

The Nunnery (Meniyo) is situated a little away from the hermits according to the instructions of the Buddha.

This meditation centre is situated in the corner of the Southern border. In the western corner of the meditation hall there are five rooms for the hermits.