Lanka's first Buddhist TV channel appeals for funds

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 5, 2007

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Managers of Sri Lanka's first Buddhist Television Channel – Dharmavahini - are appealing to all Buddhists for donations to maintain the channel. It was launched due to the tireless efforts of the Colombo-based Danish Bhikku, the Venerable Denmark Mettavihari.

Since the launch was without much fanfare and advertising many may have not heard of this channel or the website.( )

Dharmavahini is currently run by a staff of three to four people (including Bhante) with donations sent by a few individuals, who however will not be able to sustain it for long.

Bhikkhu Mettavihari was the monk who contributed significantly to Buddhism by transferring the Tripitaka to computer form and allowing its free access via the Internet (

His objectives for launching Dharmavahini are not only for the propagation of the Dhamma, but most importantly as an attempt to rebuild broken values of our Sri Lankan society - without which no development and prosperity will be possible in Sri Lanka.

This is an earnest request for the support the sustenance of Dharmavahini with an annual contribution to cover its expenses of Rs. 250,000/- (US$ 2,260) per month. 

Bhante expects find at least 250 donors from around the world who could each contribute Rs. 12,000/-'  (US$ 108) annually.

The owners of the TV station is appealing to the general public for support. If you wish to help, please visit