Buddhist ceremony to be held for dogs

Sapa-DPA, October 16 2007

Hong Kong, China -- A special Buddhist conversion ceremony is to be held for a spaniel and two puppies that were abandoned outside a Buddhist monastery at Stanley on Hong Kong island, the head of a dog rescue group said on Tuesday.

Sally Anderson, founder of Hong Kong Dog Rescue, said the event is intended to ensure the animals are spiritually cared for and "they will not have to come back in another life as dogs".

She said the spaniel, who is named appropriately enough, Stanley, has already landed on his feet after the nine-year-old dog was found a loving foster home.

Anderson added that the event, on October 29, will take place during a visit to Hong Kong by dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, who hosts a television programme, It's Me or the Dog, which helps tame disobedient and noisy dogs.