China's top 10 Buddhist scenic spots

People's Daily, February 15, 2008

Beijing, China -- Initiated by the State Administration for Religious Affairs of the P.R.C (SARA), the top 10 Buddhist scenic spots in China have been recently selected from about one thousand places.

The Shaolin Temple in the Songshan Mountains in China's western Henan Province is one of the ten. The selection was launched in mid-July, last year, with almost 8 million netizens participating in the vote.

In addition to the Shaolin Temple, the other nine are: Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, the Potala Palace in Tibet, Jiuhua Mountain and Sanzu Temple of Tianzhu Mountain in Anhui, Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang, Emei Mountain and Leshan Grand Buddha in Sichuan, Yong He Gong in Beijing, and Ta'er Monastery in Qinghai.