Brightness Buddhist Charity Project brings hope to poor

Ningbo Life, July 25, 2008

Ningbo, China -- Wu Jinfeng, a 5-year-old child, had congenital heart defects. A few days ago he had the surgical operation in Li Huili Hospital in Ningbo.

For his parents are poverty-stricken migrant workers from Sichuan, and could not afford his treatment, but yesterday, his family got a good news: all his medical treatment will be paid out of the fund of the project called "Brightness Buddhist Charity Project".

Recently, Brightness Buddhist Charity Project, jointly organized by Ningbo Buddhist Association, Ningbo Municipal Commission of Ethnic and Religious Affairs and Ningbo Charity Federation, was officially started.

A fund of 1.5 million yuan was founded for assistance of poverty-stricken families. Of the first fund of 500,000 yuan, 300,000 would be used to help about 10 children of congenital heart defects, and 200000 would be used for the surgical operations of 100 sufferers of cataract in Yuyao and Jiangbei.

It is learned that the project started early this year, since then, the Buddhist associations in the city and Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple, Seven-pagoda Temple and Xuedou Temple opened up their wallets and by the end of June, the donations had totaled over 1.5 million yuan.