China refutes Dalai charge on annihilating Buddhism

by K J M Varma, PTI, Mar 10, 2010

Beijing, China -- Refuting Dalai Lama's charge that China is "deliberately annihilating Buddhism" in Tibet, Chinese official media today hit back, saying the religion is being practised without any hindrance in the region.

Alleging that the Nobel Laureate has an ulterior political motive in making such allegations, the official Xinhua news agency said most of the monasteries and Buddhist temples were actively conducting religious activities.

Speaking at an event in Dharamsala in India marking the 51st anniversary of a failed Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule, Dalai Lama accused Beijing of trying to deliberately "annihilate Buddhism" in Tibet by conducting a campaign of patriotic re-education in monasteries there.

"Today, the Chinese authorities are conducting various political campaigns, including a campaign of patriotic re-education in many monasteries in Tibet.