Tzu Chi Foundation to stage Mother’s Day event

Taipei Times, May 4, 2008

Taipei, taiwan -- A public gathering organized by the Taiwan-based Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation to pay tribute to Buddha, parents and all living things, has been scheduled for next Sunday, Mother’s Day, the organizers said.

Lee Yi-huei, a spokeswoman for the Tzu Chi Daan Branch in Taipei, said May is considered Piety and Tzu Chi month. The combination of Vesak, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day on May 11 “is really meaningful for us [Tzu Chi believers],” she said.

Lee further explained in a press release that Vesak Day, an annual holiday observed by practicing Buddhists, is devoted to a symbolic washing away of sins and a self purification with the Dharma’s pure water of wisdom.

“As all of us have the same translucent nature as Buddha ... with pure water, we hope to bring the light of wisdom to all corners of the world,” Lee said.

Lee said the event was aimed at awakening people’s awareness in the nature of Buddha and “to be able to respect all beings all the time and to repent of the five evils of greed, we pray for one and all with gratitude and that the extensive flow of charity and compassion will purify us all.”

The event will take place at the National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall in Taipei between 6:15pm and 8pm next Sunday. All participants are advised to wear white long sleeved shirts and dark colored trousers.