Fourth Buddhist Summit Cancelled

by Graeme Lyall, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 3, 2004

Burwood, NSW (Australia) -- The Fourth Buddhist Summit ? World Buddhist Conference planned to be held in Yangon, Union of Myanmar from the 9th until the 13th of December, 2004 has been cancelled.

This followed the placing under house arrest of the Prime Minister, Khin Nyunt, Chairman of the Organising Committee by the military junta who currently rule Myanmar. 90% of the preparations for the Conference were complete by the end of October, 2004.

However, most of the founding members, including senior Sangha from many countries, expressed their intention, in light of the current political stuation in Myanmar, not to attend the Conference. One thousand six hundred members of the Nenbutsushu Buddhist Sect of Japan, the main sponsors of the Summit, also declined to attend.

The aim of the Summit is to promote all Buddhist traditions to return to the original teachings of the Buddha and to promote mutual respect and cooperation to propagate the Dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings. Venerable Hiroshi Fujikura, Secretary General of the World Buddhist Summit said, ?Buddhism is a religion of peace in this currently chaotic world where terrorism and conflicts are a frequent occurrence.

The Buddha?s noble teachings of compassion and wisdom are needed for all people today. I strongly believe that it is very significant and meaningful to continue to hold the Buddhist Summit, where true top Buddhist leaders from around the world can gather in one place and overcome the differences of nationalities and tradition and develop mutual understanding to make a stronger unity among Buddhist leaders for the realisation of true peace and serenity in this world.?

The Fourth Buddhist Summit will be held in a suitable country at a later date.