Meditation marathon in Brunswick

BY TESSA HOFFMAN, Moreland Leader, Aug 8, 2012

Melbourne, Australia -- IT'S a 12-hour marathon with a difference - the participants don't move.

The Melbourne Buddhist Centre in Brunswick will stage a 12-hour "meditation marathon" to help raise money to buy a new home in Moreland.

Centre chairwoman Dharma Charini Sudaya said everyone was welcome to join the marathon, even those who had never tried meditation.

"Anybody can come along and have a go," Ms Sudaya said.

"It's a 12-hour program of meditation, but nobody is expected to meditate for the whole time."

Forty-minute guided "taster" meditation sessions will run hourly for beginners while a continuous 12-hour meditation, chanting and puja (devotional ritual) program will run in a second shrine room.

"There have been a lot of recent studies on how beneficial mindfulness meditation is," Ms Sudaya said.

"One study found you can increase the grey matter in your brain, particularly in areas of empathy and memory, and most people know the connection between meditating daily and general stress relief."

A traditional Japanese paper folding workshop and a Japanese tea ceremony will also be held.

The event will be held at 1 Pitt St, Brunswick, on Saturday, August 25, 9am to 9pm.