Upwey class promotes peaceful poise

By Tania Martin, Star News Group, Feb 19, 2008

Anita and Frank Carter of the Upwey Buddhist Discussion Centre share their knowledge of Buddhism teachings with hills residents.

Upwey, Australia -- HILLS people wanting to step into a life of Buddhism now have the opportunity to learn all about the religion. Upwey’s Buddhist Discussion Centre will launch its introduction to Buddhism course this week.

The free 10-week course will be held at the Burrinja Gallery in Upwey.

Starting Wednesday, 20th February, the lessons titled Learn to Practice Buddhism, will give people an easy and accessible guide on how to apply Buddha’s teachings to everyday life.

Frank Carter of the Upwey Discussion Centre said the lessons of Buddha give people a do-it-yourself approach to learning personal happiness, which is relevant to modern day life and society.

Mr Carter said those who take part in the free course would be introduced to a down-to-earth approach to spiritual and mental development that could improve their mental clarity, happiness and peace.

He said members of the Upwey discussion centre as well as guest Buddhist monks would teach the lessons. Mr Carter said that the interest in Buddhist teachings had steadily been growing throughout Melbourne and that the hills are no different.

He is expecting more than 20 people join the free course and learn the spiritual teachings of Buddha. The classes will be held every Wednesday from 7.30pm to 9pm at the Burrinja Gallery, 351 Glenfern Road, Upwey.

To find out more about the course or Buddhism call Mr Carter on 9754 3334.