Monks 'pulling teeth as they pass through town'

GAAPWeb, February 13, 2009

Bedourie, Australia -- A team of Buddhist monks have caused a commotion in Australia by launching a dentist practise, according to reports.

The mysterious monks descended on Bedourie in Queensland and launched the first dental practise in the town's history and then left as quickly as they arrived.

Robbie Dare, mayor of Diamantina Shire, said they just "blew through" the town, working on local people and "doing a pretty good job".

He added that town residents had previously had to rely on more basic methods of dentistry, including some DIY work, added Mr Dare.

Speaking about the arrival of the monks, he stated: "They were in their flowing robes and really did a good job - a lot of people from the shire went there and were really happy."