Special day at Buddhist Centre

by Elouise Hawkey, Wellington Times, May 28, 2018

Wellington, New Zealand -- Wellington’s Buddhist community has extended an invitation to the general public to attend a special day of birth, death and enlightenment of Buddah this weekend.

<< WELCOME: Thubten Jhampa, Pema and Choden invite you to a special day at the meditation hall. Photo: ELOUISE HAWKEY

The local monks and nuns said the day of positive action on June 2 is an opportunity to celebrate all Buddhists traditions, while showcasing the centre to the community.

“We’re sharing it with other people so they get the chance to see our centre,” Thubten Choden said.

“It’s a bit of a showcase of what we do.

“If people are curious they can come along without committing themselves.”

The celebrations will be held at the Wellington Buddist Centre at 166 Arthur Street on Saturday, June 2.

An introduction to Buddah will commence at 12pm, with restorative yoga at 1pm, vegan smoothies and colouring in from 2pm, an introduction to Qigong at 3pm and closing discussions and questions from 4pm.

Call 6845 4661 for more information.