Burma junta invites another Japanese Buddhist group for Buddhist conference

Democratic Voice of Burma, November 9, 2004

Oslo, Norway -- Burma?s military junta, State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) which recently insisted that it would go ahead with the fourth World Buddhist Summit in December after the main Japanese sponsor decided to pull out of the agreement to fund the conference, the junta is now actively seeking yet another Japanese Buddhist group as potential sponsor.

Officials from the Burmese embassy in Tokyo met with representatives of the Buddhist Federation (Japan) and discussed the attending the conference.

DVB?s correspondent in Japan, Htin Aung who witnessed the negotiation said that the officials met with Rev. Suyama, a Japanese Buddhist monk. The monk said the federation will mainly consider the proposal of Burmese officials on the grounds of peace, the safety of human beings and equal opportunity, rather than political situation and concerns. Rev. Suyama added that he just listened to the arguments of the Burma?s officials but the federation will decide whether to attend the conference or not.

The international liaison officer of the federation, Rev. Youko Suyama said that he had neither heard about the conference nor the Japanese Buddhist organisation which had just pulled out of the agreement with the junta as it is not a member of the federation.

It is clear from the way the junta?s officials are actively seeking help, it won?t be able to organise the conference without the help of a Japanese sponsor.