Burma offers Bangladeshi Buddhists to settle in northern Arakan

Narinjara News, Jan 3, 2006

Arakan, Burma -- Burmese junta in northern Arakan said to have offered Buddhists from Bangladesh to settle in “model” villages set up by the junta.

A group of Dinet leaders from villages near Rae Zuu, in Ukia Township, in Bangladesh last month went to discuss about the resettlement plan with the Nasaka Region 3 authority from Min Dite Outpost, in Maung Daw Township says a local source in Rae Zuu.

The leaders are said to represent 52 Dinet families (257 people) from Bangladesh.

The Dinet people will be resettling near the villages of Kauk Ga Dun people in Nasaka Region 3, in early 2006, before the rainy season says the same source.

According to a Nasaka source, authority from the Western Command has given an approval for the resettlement of these Buddhist people.

Burmese junta had offered Buddhists from Bangladesh-Burma border area to settle in its side, and many Rakhaing people had resettled in ?model? villages in pervious occasions.

This offer of settlement could be part of the Burmese junta?s program to provide equilibrium between Buddhist and Muslim populations in northern part of Arakan State.