Buddhist monk killed by drunken youths during Thingyan festivity

DVB, April 18, 2006

Chauk, Burma -- A Buddhist abbot was killed by two drunken youths during the Burmese water festival Thingyan at Chauk, Magwe Division in central Burma, after the motorcycle ridden by the latter ploughed with great speed into the motorcycle ridden by the monk.

70-year old abbot of Setkyataung Monastery died from wounds sustained on his head after it landed on the road with impact, an unnamed abbot in Chauk told DVB. He added that the youths confessed that they fled from the scene as soon as the accident occurred because they were afraid that they might be set upon by bystanders.

According to the abbot, one of them is the son of a local authority chairman of nearby Tanyaung village, and both of them are being detained at the local police station for further action against them in accordance with the law, a policeman told DVB.

The funeral for the monk has not been planned as many issues have to be sorted out with his monks and acolytes on the matter of the administration of the monastery and the legal action against the youths as many faithful are said to be angry with them.