Wayward Buddhist nun is forgiven

The Bangkok Post, Apr 28, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Office of National Buddhism has forgiven a renowned Buddhist nun for telling her followers to rectify their sins through bizarre acts.

The abbot of Phitchaya Yatikaram Worawiharn temple had warned the nun, Maechi Tossaporn Tewapitaktam, who later admitted that she was at fault and her preaching was inappropriate, Office of National Buddhism director Nopparat Benjawatananun said on Thursday.

However, many Thai people still believe in superstition, he said.

"I think this was the nun's trick to make troubled people feel relaxed and do good deeds.

"But the nun's advice for her follower to hang shells in front of her room does have a sexual connotation," Mr Nopparat said.

However, the nun had already apologised and she had greatly helped promote Buddhism in the past.

She had told a woman to have sex with a young man twice to correct her sins.

Another time she told another woman to hang shells in front of her bedroom door to prevent men from abusing her. This was because she had opened the gate to let the Burmese invade Thailand in her past life.

She also said wives should 'wai' their husbands before sleeping with them - a comment that angered women's rights activists.