Buddhist leaders call for greater practice in Buddhist teachings to create world peace

ThaisNews, May 10, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand -- Buddhist leaders from around the world today called upon laymen worldwide to apply more Buddhist principles in daily life in order to create global peace.

As the International Buddhist Conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak is drawing to a close, participating Buddhist leaders underscored practical use of the Buddhist teachings.

A leading Korean Buddhist member, Miss Aung Kin Jeon told the conference being held at the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok that in the globalization era, the Internet should be brought in to help disseminate Lord Buddha’s teaching.

She proposed that Buddhist principles be taught in the elementary schools and that the world Buddhist Centre of Buddhamonthon be the site to train Buddhist missionaries who will be sent out to propagate the teachings. She stressed that only Buddhist monks with thorough understanding of the Buddha’s words will be successful in their mission.

Representatives of the World Peace Group reported to the meeting that in the current world of conflicts, peace could be materialized through reconciliation among the Buddhists around the world while Buddha’s teachings must be widely observed in daily life.

The group also proposed that the Day of Vesak, or Visakha Puja Day be designated as the Peace Day for all Buddhists to provide an opportunity for them to raise conflicts or obstacles for joint discussion.