NLA Speaker worries of Buddhist Monk Act draft

ThaisNews, Nov 8, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), Mr. Meechai Ruchupan, is concerned that the draft of the Buddhist Monk Act, which has been submitted by the NLA members, may produce dissonance, while proposing the government to have a clear understanding before a problem arises.

Mr. Meechai said the NLA members do have the right to present the law according to the regulation, but they should cautiously consider the law that encompasses different viewpoints because it could create problems in the future.

Therefore, the government should develop a mutual understanding with the NLA members who have proposed the draft of the Buddhist Monk Act, adding that the government has to be impartial.

Mr. Meechai also said the NLA members who have already received compensations from different government agencies also have the right to be paid for working in the NLA, similar to the officials of the Council for National Security (CNS).