Thai Buddhists mark Asalha Puja Day

The Bangkok Post, July 29, 2007

Bangkok, Thailand -- Buddhists across the nation spent Sunday morning making merit to mark Asalha Pucha Day. Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Thirapat Serirangsan and Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayothin led a group of people to give alms to 108 monks on the grounds of Sanam Luang.

Buddhists are invited to make merit throughout the day.

Asalha Puja Day is a Buddhist Holy Day which falls on the 15th night of the full moon during the eighth month of the Buddhist calendar. Each year, devout Buddhists pay homage to the Lord Buddha in remembrance of his first sermon to his first five disciples.

Asalha Puja day is considered to be the birth of Buddhism as the Buddha departed the location where he obtained enlightenment two months earlier to deliver his sermon.

Asalha Puja Day immediately precedes Buddhist Lent.