Monks disrobed for brothel hopping

DPA, November 24, 2004

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Three Cambodian Buddhist monks were arrested and disrobed after they were caught outside a local brothel and confessed to devoting their days to Buddha and their nights to beer and prostitutes, police said.

Hin Kimhun, 20, Chea Saroeun, 23, and Lim Chantha, 24, were arrested when police became suspicious and questioned them about their shaven heads and eyebrows - the marks of Buddhist monks.

They confessed and were immediately taken to the chief monk, who disrobed them, Nup Sam Ol, deputy chief of Prey Nop police in the coastal municipality of Sihanoukville, 240 kilometres south of the capital Phnom Penh.

"They confessed that they bought civilian clothes and hid them in a private residence to wear when they went out," Nup Sam Ol said.

"They said they went out and visited prostitutes often at night but no-one knew about their secret.

"They were arrested in Prey Nop district's Sam Rung commune after they met a police patrol at midnight on Friday on their way to visit prostitutes."

AdvertisementBuddhist monks swear an oath to abstain from all vices when they enter the monkhood and shave their heads as a symbol of their sacrifice.

Their strict vows prohibit them from even touching members of the opposite sex during day-to-day life.