Access to remote Cambodian and Myanmar Buddhist Temples

eTravelBlackboard, May 28, 2007

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- Direct flights between Cambodia and Myanmar will now operate after an agreement by the countries.

“There will be direct flights from Bagan and Mandalay, which are Myanmar’s main tourist destinations, to Siem Reap,” said Hor Namhong, Foreign Minister, Cambodia.

He said with the two countries being Buddhist’s and having the same civilisations, direct flights are needed in order to attract more international tourists to both destinations.

The 800 year old Angkor Wat Temple’s in Cambodia have proved to be a popular attraction accumulating 1.7 visitors last year. However similar Buddhist Temples in Bagan, Myanmar attract a fraction of tourists because foreign credit cards are rarely accepted due to a lack of infrastructure resulting in power cuts.

Hor Namhong said other direct flights are planned for travel between more Southeast Asian countries.