Symposium asserts Buddhism’ position in society

VNA, March 27, 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam -- A Buddhist Sangha official affirmed Vietnam’s Buddhism is in favourable conditions to promote its role and position in social life at a time when the country is pursuing industrialisation and modernisation.

Most Venerable Thich Gia Quang, Vice Secretary General of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha’s Executive Council, made the statement at a symposium on Buddhism with society and culture in the era of industrialisation and modernisation held in Hanoi on March 26.

The Most Venerable noted that there are many opportunities at this time for Vietnamese Buddhism to grow further inside and outside the country and exert influence on the international community.

He said thousands of pagodas, including very ancient ones still exist in the country have created important influence on the national culture in general and the Buddhist culture in particular.

For his part, the Head of the Religions Research Institute, Associate Prof. and Dr. Nguyen Hong Duong suggested the State be more active in restoring ancient pagodas to preserve the value of Vietnam’s Buddhist culture.

More than 20 presentations were sent to the symposium, covering different angles of the Vietnamese Buddhist culture in particular and its variants caused by the country’s political, cultural and social factors.

Having developed in Vietnam for almost 2,000 years, Buddhism has always been with the nation through its ups and downs.

The religion has particularly been thriving following the country’s renovation process and international integration.