New Viet book shows off local Buddhist records

VNA, May 31, 2008

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- Ho Chi Minh City-based joint-stock company Vietbooks and its partner Viet Nam News Agency’s Publishing House published a collection of various Guinness world records made by Vietnamese.

The 315-page Viet Nam Records Directory 2008 lists nearly 600 records in the arts, literature, music and lifestyle made by individuals and organisations nationwide.

The book’s theme Buddhism and Life introduces 108 national records for unique objects, events and people related to Buddhism.

One of the book’s highlights is Phat Quang Dai Tu Dien (The Dictionary of Buddhism). Edited by the Most Venerable Thich Minh Canh and his staff, it is the country’s biggest encyclopedia of Buddhism.

Published by the HCM City General Publishing House in 2006, the 6,244-page dictionary includes seven volumes and a guide book. It features more than 23,000 headings and 3,000 photos.

The dictionary is of great value for people learning about Buddhism.

"We hope our book will provide local and foreign readers with useful knowledge on Vietnamese history and culture in an entertaining way," said Le Tran Truong An, general director of Vietbooks.

The Records Directory also features highlights of world records for landscapes and tourism based on size, length, volume and other factors.

Several coloured photos and text by authors offer detailed information on the accomplishments of Vietnamese women and children.

Vietbooks collaborated with the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha and the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to perfect the book.

The Vietnam News Agency staff is working to edit and translate the book into English.

Distributed by the Fahasa bookstore chain, the book costs VND280,000 (US$17), and is available at bookstores around the country. The English version will be published in August.

Last year Vietbooks signed a copyright deal with Guinness World Records to broadcast Guinness Records programmes on Vietnamese TV. Vietbooks will offer technical services and facilities to support the Guinness Organisation in producing TV shows in Viet Nam as well as print Guinness record books.