Buddhist intermediate school set up in Mekong delta province

VNA, June 22, 2008

Chau Doc Town, Vietnam -- A Buddhist intermediate school has been set up at Vien Quang Pagoda in Chau Doc town, Mekong Delta An Giang province.

The school opened the first four-year course for 147 monks and nuns on June 22.

Besides its main facility at Vien Quang Pagoda, the school also has three branches in Thomit Pagoda in Tinh Bien district, Salon Pagoda in Tri Ton district and Kabaruc Pagoda in Thoai Son district.

Buddhist followers contributed 700 million VND to help build the school’s infrastructure.

In An Giang province, there is one monk holding Buddhist master degree; seven others are university graduates and three graduated from college.