Southern province's Buddhists take final religious exams

VNA, Feb 22, 2005

Kien Giang, Vietnam -- As many as 400 Buddhists from 72 Khmer pagodas in the southern province of Kien Giang took final exams at the Rach Soi pagoda on Feb. 21.

They were tested on the Pali, Buddhist sutras, Buddhist theory and forbiddances, and the Khmer language.

The annual examination is aimed at seeking out Buddhist talents to inherit Buddhism values and maintain the nation's cultural identity.

The same day, the Rach Soi pagoda inaugurated a Buddhist library, the first of its kind in Kien Giang province. Hundreds of Buddhist books are available at the library.

A fund of nearly 10 million VND was raised at the inauguratory ceremony to support tsumami victims in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.