Venerable stranded in Malaysia finally departs for home

The Buddhist Channel, July 19, 2006

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Venerable Padma Chhokid, who fell ill and became incapacited while in Malaysia after attending the Sakyaditta conference from June 9-16, 2006 left for New Delhi from Kuala Lumpur today.

She was accompanied by another Tibetan buddhist nun and a nurse from the Kasih Hospice Care Society. On arrival in New Delhi, they will be met by Ven. Lekshe Tsomo and other Buddhist friends.

According to her supporters, the Venerable may stay for a few days in a medical centre in New Delhi before her onward journey to Spiti, the monastery where she stays in the Himalayan Mountains.

Due to her weak condition, arrangements have been made by Ven. Lekshe Tsomo in New Delhi to charter a helicopter to fly the Ven. to her monastery.

Venerable Padma Chhokid's departure from Malaysia was made possible through donations collected by the Buddhist Gem Fellowship amounting to RM32,283

The money was handed over to the Venerable to cover for the travelling expenses and her medical treatment in India. She also received donations from other dhamma friends and societies.

The carers of the venerable have expressed their gratefulness for the generosity and over whelming support from the buddhist community in Malaysia and Singapore.

"We are also very grateful to Bro. Lim Hee Chay of the Dhamma Reading Room for helping us to secure three 90%-discounted seats from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and also sponsoring the cost of the three seats. Our gratitude also goes to MAS for its great compassion shown to the Venerable," said Lim Chin Kah, one of the prime mover behind the donation drive.

He also thanked those who had taken considerable care to show their love and compassion to the Venerable in the last few weeks. Special mention was made to the Maha Karuna Compassionate Home and Kasih Hospice Care Society for taking good care of the Venerable.

Upon her departure, Venerable Padma Chhokid conveyed her sincere gratitude to all who rallied to help her. She said that she was deeply touched by the compassion and loving kindness showered on her.