36m Tall 'Standing Buddha' Being Built In Kelantan

Bernama, August 9, 2006

BACHOK, Kelantan (Malaysia) -- A 36-metre tall "Standing Buddha" is being built at Wat Phithikyan Phutthaktham in Kampung Balai here.It costs RM2 mil (US$ 548,000) to build, mostly using funds donated by the public.

The construction work began in 2002 and was scheduled to be fully completed in 2009, said head priest Pharphochai Acharn Pho Chai.

Kelantan already has two huge Buddha statues -- the 30-metre tall "Sitting Buddha" in Kampung Jubakar and the 10.6-metre tall and 40.9-metre long "Sleeping Buddha" in Kampung Jambu or Kampung Berok. Both are in Tumpat district.

The Standing Buddha has a lift inside it which will enable visitors to have a clear view of the village from the top of the statue.

Five skilled workers and an engineer are involved in the construction.

The priest said the statue would attract more tourists to Kelantan as even now, people from Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand had come to see how the work was being carried out.

With the unique architecture, Kampung Balai would be a major tourist spot, he said.

He said two dragon statues, each measuring 181.6 metres long, made up the fence of the temple.

Each was worth RM150,000 and both were donated by former priest Archan Phrak Ajchan Porchai in 1992.