Insight into Buddhism

The Star, November 26, 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- RENOWNED spiritual master of Tibetan Buddhism, Venerable Dagpo Lama Rinpoche will be in Malaysia to give two “exceptional” teachings, organised by Persatuan Kadam Tashi Choe Ling Malaysia (KTCL), as well as an evening talk at the Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF).

Dagpo Rinpoche will explain how to “Practise the Six Perfections in our daily life” in his first teaching to be held on Dec 13 and 14 at KTCL in Petaling Jaya.

Generosity, ethical discipline, patience, enthusiastic effort, concentration and wisdom are the perfections practised by Bodhisattvas who out of love for all beings seek to attain Buddhahood.

“Our understanding of these will help to prepare us to engage in true boddhisatva deeds,” KTCL said in a statement.

The second teaching/retreat to be held from Dec 18 to 21, also at KTCL will be on the “Three Principles of the Path”, renunciation, bodhicitta and correct view are the three essential qualities that Buddhist practitioners develop when following the path to enlightenment.

During this retreat, Rinpoche will also be conferring the Buddha Manjushri (wisdom) initiation on the morning of Dec 21. Interested participants must register with KTCL for this retreat on of before Nov 30.

At the invitation of the BGF, Rinpoche will also be giving an evening talk on the topic of “Helping the Dying and Preparing for Death”, on Dec 16 at their centre in Petaling Jaya.

Dagpo Rinpoche, born in 1932 in Tibet, was recognised by the 13th Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of the great master Dagpo Lama Rinpoche Jampel Lhundrup. His previous reincarnations include the Indonesian master Lama Serlingpa, who was the main teacher to Lord Atisha, as well as the translator Marpa, master to the famous Milarepa.

For more information, call Irene at 012-212 0046 or Yap at 019-289 2683 for KTCL enquiries. Call Doris Choong at 012-311 0294 for BGF enquiries.