300 perform special prayers aboard ferry

The Star, February 14, 2011

GEORGE TOWN, Penang (Malaysia) -- More than 300 Buddhist devotees offered special prayers during a ceremony which took place aboard a chartered ferry.

<< Up in the air: The National Service trainees tossing prayer papers printed with mantra into the sea yesterday.

The prayers involved the blessing of “582 Naga vases to the Naga King” by the Seventh Jamme Lhamchog Rinpoche before the devotees cast the vases, which contained gold, copper and seeds of various grains, into the sea yesterday.

Organised by the Seberang Jaya Drukpa Dharmashri Buddhist Devotees Association, the devotees boarded the chartered ferry at the Penang ferry terminal at about 10am.

The ceremony began with the arrival of Jamme Lhamchog Rinpoche at 10.40am and lasted four hours.

Seated on a “throne”, Jamme Lhamchog Rinpoche led the chanting of mantras like the Naga King Mantra and long life prayer.

The devotees, including 45 National Service (NS) trainees from the Sri Mutiara camp in Balik Pulau, also tossed biodegradable prayer papers printed with mantras into the sea.

Association chairman Datuk Tan Swee Hueng said yesterday’s ceremony was the 11th to be held, in which the devotees paid homage to the Naga King for their blessed lives.