Indonesia Buddhist To Sue Blora Center on Tsunami Aid Smuggling Accusation

Indonesia Relief, April 13, 2005

Jakarta, Indonesia -- Indonesian Buddhist association, Walubi, will sue Blora Center for accusing the organization responsible for 381 container of tsunami aid currently take into custody in Belawan port, Medan. Walubi said that the containers were not being smuggled, as those are real tsunami donation from government of China.

''We will take legal action against them as it is a malign accusation,'' said Head of Walubi Hartati Murdaya on Wednesday in the Buddhist headquarter in Jakarta. Murdaya is well known as Indonesia's successful businesswomen and one of her company became license holder of Nike brand in Indonesia.

Blora Center, a critical NGO well known as supporters of Indonesia's president, said on Tuesday that 281 out of 1,200 containers currently piled in Belawan port are belong to Hartati Murdaya of Walubi. Blora Center also said that 58 luxury cars had been taken into custody because of imported and declared as tsunami aid.

''I regret Blora Center released such kind of report without assessing the content of the container first. They should come first to Belawan before releasing any accusation,'' said Murdaya, the boss of Central Cipta Murdaya Group. She added that the container contain pre-fabricated housing components such as roofs and windows.

Murdaya also said that the all containers didn't belong to her or Walubi. ''The container are donation from government of China dedicated to government of Indonesia. Our organization is only providing help in preparing papers, bring the container out of the port and send it to Aceh,'' said the member of Indonesian parliament.