Worship rooms provided for Buddhist inmates

The Jakarta Post, Aug 9, 2010

KUTA, Bali (Indonesia) -- Kerobokan Penitentiary in Kuta has recently provided worship rooms for Buddhist inmates, adding to the prison's existing worship facilities for Hindus, Muslims and Christians, a prison warden says.

Prison head Siswanto said the small vihara, called Cetiya Dhama Metta, was built using funds donated by the Balinese Buddhist community.

"There are 13 inmates who hold Buddhist beliefs. We thank you for the help of the Buddhist community here," Siswanto said. The prison is currently home to 759 prisoners.

"We hope the vihara will become a place for Buddhist inmates here to pray and seek peace," said Ida Bagus Rahula, the chairwoman of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Organization for Buddhist Followers (Walubi).