Life in a Nutshell

by Jettha Khoo, The Buddhist Channel, Oct 14, 2013

We strive, we drive
For a better life
Pursuing gain and fame
With passion and flame,
Alas! I found and thus realize
This is not the path nor truth

That one should seek
Fame, gain and sensual pleasure
Desire and attachment
Bring more pain than gain
Endless rounds of birth and death
Suffering in Samasara
A gain and again?
It's a fool's game!

Happiness lies within
Free from the burden of life
Unfettered with contentment
No more desire and attachment
Within and without,
Banish ego, let it go
Along with....
Greed, hatred and delusion
Suffering shall vanish
Along with...
With the practice of the 8 Noble Paths
Right understanding, right thought, right speech,
Wisdom shall arise
Right action, right livelihood
Morality shall arise
Right effort, right concentration, right mindfulness
Concentration shall arise
Blessed with the Noble 8 fold paths,
Ignorance shall vanish
Henceforth, one shall be free
From suffering in eternity
And live on.....
In peace and harmony.