Buddhists Connect Online Through Video Sharing and New Community at eDharma.com

The Buddhist Channel, Matrch 16, 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia -- www.eDharma.com launches this week, connecting Buddhists worldwide through a free social networking and video sharing service.

The community opens with a collection of educational videos on Mahayana, Theravada, and other Buddhist sects, as well as a forum where Buddhists and those interested in learning about Buddhism can meet and discuss the Buddhist way of life.

“eDharma.com is about two things,” says Rudy Hadisentosa, owner of the new online Buddhist community. “The site serves as a social network and online community where Buddhists from all over the world can come together and share thoughts and ideas. In addition to connecting people, eDharma.com is designed to teach others about Buddhism in a more interesting and interactive way. We’re working to accomplish this through the video sharing aspect of the site. For example, through current videos, visitors can learn about things like moral or Zen Buddhist teachings or watch English webcasts of the True Buddha School"

Creating an account at www.eDharma.com takes only a few minutes. After registering for an account, members have the ability to upload Buddhist videos, photos, or news to share with the eDharma.com community.

Videos can be shared by uploading them directly to eDharma.com. The site also supports embedded videos from other video sharing services such as YouTube and Google Video. The Buddhist forum gives all new members a place to introduce themselves and share ideas with the entire community. Membership at eDharma.com is free.

About www.eDharma.com

eDharma.com is a free online Buddhist community, connecting members of various sects of Buddhism with each other and with non-Buddhists. Launched in March 2009, the mission of eDharma.com is to educate people about Buddhism while giving active Buddhists a place to meet and interact.

For more information about the www.eDharma.com community or Buddhist video sharing service, please contact Rudy Hadisentosa at +62 21 56999720.