Woman Sues Over Chelmsford Buddhist Monk Sex Tape

By Andrew Sylvia, Lowell Sun, April 28, 2013

Chelmsfold, MA (USA) -- The Lowell Sun reports that a Massachusetts woman is suing five individuals, alleging they illegally distributed a tape of her having sex with monks at a temple in Chelmsford.

The Lowell Sun reports is filing charges against five individuals who she allegedly illegally distributed a tape of her a monk having sex in a Chelmsford temple.

Maya Men has sued a local monk and committee members for a Lowell-based Buddhist temple for $10 million, claiming a tape allegedly showing her sexually engaging with the Venerable Nhem Kimteng at the Trairatanaram Temple in North Chelmsford violates state law prohibiting voice recordings without the consent of those being recorded.

More information on the Lowell temple, where Men also serves as an Executive Committee member, is available on its website (http://www.vattkhmerlowell.org/)