Buddhist temple comes to downtown Syracuse

by Michael Greenlar, syracuse.com, January 3, 2016

Sycaruse, NY (USA) -- Thekchen Choling (Buddhist Temple) was founded in 2014 during a visit from Spiritual Director Lama Namdrol Tulku Rinpoche of Singapore.

The phrase "Thekchen Choling" is a Tibetan phrase which means "Great Mahayana Dharma Temple." "Prior to that we were a group of people meeting at the Manlius Public Library once a week" says Babette Teich Visco, president and acting director.

The present temple resides at 241 North Warren St. in Syracuse. "The current space was made available from the generosity of different people The mission of Thekchen Choling is living and propagating the Buddhadharma for the benefit of all beings," she said.

"The main focus of Thekchen Choling Syracuse is to be a place where people from the community can study and practice the Dharma, the universal truth, and integrate the teachings of the Buddha into their daily lives as they learn to realize their inner potential to be happy and fulfilled. Activities for participants at the temple include forms of self-inquiry, meditation and the practices of loving kindness, compassion and wisdom using various methods."

The temple offers meditation classes, a Bhuddha study group, sutra recitation, ritual practices, Dharma teachings by visiting teachers.