Lawsuit threatened over visit to high school by Buddhist monks

WCAX-TV, Sept 29, 2005

KEENE, New Hampshire (USA) -- The debate over religion in public schools has come to Keene. A lawyer threatened to sue the school district after learning that some Tibetan Buddhist monks had been invited to visit the high school.

The monks were invited by a school club called Students for a Free Tibet. Planned activities included creating a circular design symbolizing the cosmos and soliciting donations.

Lawyer Theodore Parent says he has no problem with the Tibetan Buddhist monks, but he feared the visit would set a precedent requiring the schools to allow other religious groups on campus. The daughter of friends, high school senior Robin Udell, agree to be the plaintiff.

The club said they intended the visit as a cultural one. The high school said the monks would not be allowed to solicit donations during school hours and would not engage in any religious proselytizing. The Udells then decided not to file the lawsuit.