Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation Retreat at Pumpkin Hollow Farm

by Lyn Trotman, NY Theosophical Society, NY, The Buddhist Channel, April 15, 2006

New York, USA -- A meditation retreat will be organized by  The Northeast Theosophical Retreat Center from August 27 - September 1 2006.

This program is based on the principles that Mindfulness brings peace into daily activities and is the key to understanding and insight.  This retreat, transpiring over a 5-day period, will be conducted in an atmosphere of noble silence.

The structured retreat will have scheduled periods of sitting meditation, yoga meditation with slow motion, walking meditation, mindful eating and working, personal time, chanting and dharma inquiry.

THE VENERABLE BHIKKU T. SEELANANDA (Sri Lankan) was ordained at the age of eleven.  He is a missionary monk in the Theravada tradition, doing his service on meditation and the Dharma in the Americas. 

In 2002, he became Abbot of the Paramita International Buddhist Meditation Center, Kadugannawa, Sri Lanka.  He is presently residing at the New York Buddhist Vihara in Queens, NY and will lead this 5 day retreat.

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August 27 - September 1 2006 (5 days)
Sunday eve until Friday Lunch Prgram Fee 0 
For room/board info, go to www.pumpkinhollow.org