After 9 Months, Bangkok Hospital Goes Silent Again

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 6, 2006

New York, USA -- After a 9 month protracted silence, Bumrungrad Hospital has appointed a new attorney to represent itself in talks with counsel appointed by James Goldberg, a father whose 23 year old son died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances at Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

After promising a rapid response at the beginning of October, the hospital has again refused to respond or to engage in further negotiations.

The case is under investigation (Complaint number is 1484/2549) by high officials of the Thai government and law enforcement who were alerted to suspicious circumstances by an unknown "whistle blower" on the morning of 24 Feb 2006 regarding the death of Joshua Goldberg, a 23 year old who had gone to Thailand to be ordained as a Buddhist monk.

Among the terms of the proposed settlement, Jim Goldberg, Josh's father, has requested that Bumrungrad Hospital join him in establishing an independent foundation dedicated to the medical care of Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Thailand and elsewhere. Additionally, plant improvements to chosen monasteries and Buddhist facilities would also be eligible to receive funds for the improvement of their monasteries.

Mr. Goldberg announced in New York that he was prepared to domicle such a foundation if Bumrungrad Hospital were to supply matching funds. Although Bumrungrad would be a participant in this foundation, receipients of medical care would be completely free to choose whatever doctors and nurses they choose and which were prequalified by the foundation.

The Foundation, temporarily called the Buddhist Medical and Monastery Foundation, would be domiciled in Thailand under independent administration under the chairman ship of Jim Goldberg.

A search has begun for top experts to sit on this charitable foundation, established in the memory of Mr. Goldberg's late son, Joshua.

The endowment would begin with approximately $2 million US dollars, but will hopefully grow through the contribution of individuals and corporations around the world.

Mr. Goldberg has announced that he would seek other means to fund this important foundation given that Bumrungrad Hospital has withdrawn.

Mr. Chai Sophonpanich, the Chairman of Bumrungrad Hospital and the Chairman of Bangkok Bank would be invited to sit on the foundation committee. Mr. Sophonpanich, it has been announced, is to assume a high level government position under the new leadership of Thailand.

It had been hoped that these talks and the establishment of the Foundation would serve as a living legacy to Mr. Goldberg's son and to the healing of the deep wounds resulting from the untimely death of Joshua on 23 February 2006 at Bumrungrad International Hospital, the self proclaimed leader in the emerging Medical Tourism market place.

Improvements in care at this hospital and appropriate management changes are also anticipated as a step in a positive direction in making the care at Bumrugrad truly worthy of international attention and to comply with the highest medical standards and codes of conduct.

Mr. Goldberg has given an interview to Associated Press and United Press International as well as to XM Satellite Radio. The AP article was released on 2 Nov 2006 and the XM Satellite feed is set to be aired to 140 million listeners world wide during December.