Sakyong Runs Boston Marathon for Surmang, Offers Dudtsi-til relics to Donors

Shambala, Mar 8, 2005

Boston, USA -- Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche will run the Boston Marathon on Monday 18 April. This is the oldest and most prestigious marathon. The Sakyong is hoping to raise $108,000 in donations for the construction of the shedra at Surmang Dudtsi-til. The Sakyong has fulfilled the qualifying requirements to take part in the Boston Marathon.

Every donor who gives $108 will receive a small brocade packet containing fragments from the ruins of Dudtsi-til where the Vidyadhara taught and had his living quarters.

This is an appropriate shrine object. One thousand packets have been prepared, in the hope that as many people will offer their support of the project.

It is the fulfillment of our deep connection to Surmang, its people and the priceless legacy of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche."

You can make a donation from now up to the day of the Boston Marathon by going to the Konchok Foundation web site The site also has up-to-date photos and information on the Shedra project.