Dhammasala Member John Marshall Ordained in Thailand

Dhammsala.org, April 18, 2005

Perry, Michigan (USA) -- John Marshall, former mid Michigan resident, was recently ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat PhraRam 9 Kanjanapisek in Bangkok, Thailand. He was ordained by the Abbott, the Venerable Phra Thepyanawisit and given the name Kusalo Bhikku.  In Pali, "Kusalo" means "clever" or "skillful".

Wat PhraRam 9 Kancanapisek, was established in 1991 under royal patronage by Thailand's King, His Royal Highness Bhumipol Abduliadech and under the auspices of Her Royal Highness, Princess Thepratanarachasuda.
Kusalo Bhikku (John) was supported by a number of Dhamma practitioners from both Wat PhraRam 9 Kancanapisek and Wat Dhammasala.  His mother, Ellen Marshall, two monks, and a number of practitioners from the Perry, MI meditation center - Dhammasala Forest Monastery - traveled to Thailand to be present for the ordination.

After his ordination Ajahn Khemasanto, abbot of Dhammasala and Ajahn Nanthagul brought Kusalo Bhikkhu to Wat Phu Sangko Forest Monastery in the northeast Thai province of Udon Thani.  Kusalo Bhikkhu will spend some time at this monastery under the tutelage of the Venerable Ajahn Wanchai, the former teacher of Ajahn Khemasanto.  He will continue to study Buddhism and the Thai language.

Kusalo Bhikkhu (John) was a 'novice' at Dhammasala Forest Monastery of Perry, Michigan prior to going to Thailand.