Buddhist Community Abuzz in Rochester

ABC 6 News, Nov 12, 2008

Rochester, Minn. (USA) -- The normally calm and quiet Buddhist Community Center in Southeast Rochester was buzzing with activity as media came from across the state and out of state to get a look at what we're about to show you.

Two weeks ago Tracy Sam and some of her Buddhist friends were having a celebration at the Buddhist Community Center in Rochester when they say something interesting…

"We looked up and then we noticed the beehive that was the shape of the Buddha. I was like wow, I can't believe this the bees are trying to tell us something."

The bee is significant to the Buddhist faith.

In something similar to a parable, the Buddha was hungry and was given a honeycomb to eat.

"They're building community and they're looking for peace - and they're trying to send a message that that's what we should do."

We spoke with Kirk Payne from the Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester.

He says this nest is probably a wasp nest and not a bee hive, but the wasp is a cousin of the bee.

And for many Buddhist believers here, they think this happened for a reason.

The message: work together in peace.

Ironically, even if this isn't technically a beehive, it does have media from hundreds of miles away coming to see what all the buzz is about.

And for Sam, she says it helps prove her belief that this wasn't just a random occurrence.

"If the bees can work together and make a miracle like this, so can people.”