University of Arizona launches Buddhism Studies minor

Lion's Roar, March 23, 2015

Arizona, USA -- University of Arizona Buddhist Studies Minor Lion's Roar NewsPhoto via University of Arizona.

The University of Arizona has announced that it will launch a Buddhism Studies minor this fall. The minor will include courses in Asian Religions, Religion in Japan and in India, Zen Buddhism, Buddhist meditation traditions, and the history of East Asian Buddhism.

“Much, if not most, of the Asian world is Buddhist, or has Buddhist traditions, and Buddhism is a large component of the Asian value system regardless of the country you visit,” said Albert Welter, head of the UA Department of East Asian Studies, and associate director of the School of International Languages, Literatures and Cultures. “We are here to inform people and to create knowledge and understanding about different traditions. Overall, the program is meant to help students appreciate different philosophical, ethical and spiritual approaches to knowledge.”

A Buddhist lecture series will also be launched with the minor. For more details, read the full UA announcement.