Utah Buddhist congregation is locked out of their temple

ABC 4 News, Oct 9, 2011

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (USA) -- Members of a Rose Park Buddhist congregation worshiped outside Sunday after being locked out of their temple. The Pho Quang congregation of the Vietnamese Unified Buddhist Association of Utah claims it bought the old Rose Park library in 1997 and have made improvements to it.

Members say the property was taken from them by another Buddhist group in California. The matter is now in court, but the doors remained locked, so in the meantime, members of the congregation say they will worship outside their temple rain or shine.

Victoria Dang says the congregation has put a lot of work and money into the building to make it a temple, but she says more importantly, it is their place of worship. "If this temple closes down it is going to be very hurtful; a lot of loss, a lot of damage to a lot of families including me."

Members say the temple is used for both worship, and education. Classes on Vietnamese culture are held at the temple for children and teens. The lawsuit is now pending in the Third District Court.