Second Annual Longchenpa Retreat at Ratna Ling Retreat Center

The Buddhist Channel, Jan 20, 2012

The Bay Area's Mentor On Tibetan Buddhism, Dharma Publishing Presents Their Second Annual Longchenpa Retreat and Ceremony This Winter at the Ratna Ling Retreat Center.

The downpour of (the Buddha's) truth, the refreshing
water of pristine cognitions
With clouds of glorious bliss and happiness and prosperity,
Will fall on the pure mind of living beings, the fertile
soil of a unique occasion and the right juncture.
Therefore, with joy and from your heart engage in the
quest for the real meaning of life.

- Longchenpa, Kindly Bent to Ease Us

Bekeley, CA -- The all-knowing Longchenpa (1308-1364) stands at the center of the Nyingma tradition. Acknowledged by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism as one of Tibet's greatest masters, he wrote works that cover every aspect of the Buddhist path. His writings, in clear and luminous prose, have the power to awaken our own innermost knowing and inspire us to act on the knowledge we already have.

The retreat program, lead by Arnaud Maitland, will offer an intensive study of Longchenpa's text Kindly Bent to Ease Us culminating in a four day ceremony of chanting. Maitland, JD, MA in Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy, and a senior student of Tarthang Tulku for over 30 years, connects us to the breadth of Longchenpa's tradition in a direct and authentic style that brings the teachings to life, making them accessible and relevant in our daily lives.

The Longchenpa Ceremony, practiced during this time by Nyingma Buddhist practitioners around the world, commemorates the Parinirvana of Longchenpa. During the ceremony, retreat guests join the Ratna Ling community in the heart of devotion to chant for 4 days. The ceremony is an incredible opportunity to genuinely explore sustained practice and understand the teachings of the retreat in a new light, while sharing a unique experience with a group of dedicated people from all over the world.

Ratna Ling Retreat Center is a place of tremendous beauty with a palpable sense of peace and calm making it an ideal location for spiritual study and practice. Unlike other retreats, this one offers teaching and practice from sun up to sun down, making for very full and rewarding days. As described in a recent review, "Ratna Ling's beauty is not skin deep--it is not just the five star resort accommodations, the amazing vegetarian food, the sweeping views or the swaying redwoods that made us instantly connected to this place, but the spirit, the beating heart, the wisdom that we felt the moment we arrived. It is more than a destination. It is a place to be."

For those with an interest in Buddhism, particularly Tibetan Buddhism, the Longchenpa retreat offers the integration of textual study and discussion with selected meditation practices providing an excellent balance between intellectual rigor and practice experience. Reading Kindly Bent to Ease Us gives a taste of the beauty that Longchenpa makes available. His style of writing is profound and striking and his insights into philosophy, psychology, and practice help us gain direct access to the enlightened realm. In an intimate and inspiring atmosphere, this unique retreat program provides a space to reflect on the opportunity and mystery of our human embodiment. Overall, the retreat fosters new perspectives on everyday life as well as practical ways of working with personal and professional challenges. More than a brief escape from the rat race, the Longchenpa retreat is a starting point for the cultivation of meaningful change in your life and a truly memorable experience.

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