Buddhist monk from Novato is memorialized

Marin Independent-Journal, March 19, 2006

NOVATO, Calif. (USA) -- A memorial service is being held today for a young Novato man who was afforded the status of Buddhist monk after he died in Thailand.

Friends and family members say 23-year-old Joshua Goldberg was a sweet young man who traveled the world in search of his Nirvana. He died in a Bangkok hospital last month after suffering a heart attack that resulted from complications from a leg infection.

Goldberg entered the Thamkrabok Monastery in North-Central Thailand in January intending to become a monk.

The monastery ordained him as a monk following his death and buried his ashes last week alongside those of other monks in a hillside cave after a three-day funeral rite reserved for the most holy people.

Goldberg's father, Jim, says turning to Buddhism transformed his son's life and imbued him with a wisdom he had searched for his entire life.