Peacestorming South Central

by ALASTAIR BLAND, Whole Life Times, Nov 1, 2007

Los Angeles, USA -- On December 7th, peace comes to town as two nonprofits — NorCal’s Living Compassion and LA’s Beyond Shelter — team up for a three-day community outreach and urban renewal effort at Broadway Village II housing project in South Central, LA.

The event, a part of Living Compassion’s new Peacestorming program, will consist of a weekend of intensive organic garden work, tree planting, cooking seminars and basic construction to transform the low income housing development of 50 underprivileged families into a shaded, green refuge of healthy living. The Peacestorming effort is also intended to bring residents together in lasting and meaningful relationships.

“When people share work and a concern over the environment and the Earth and their children and all the things in which they have mutual interest, peace is what naturally happens,” said Cheri Huber, Living Compassion’s Founder and Director.

Currently, Beyond Shelter and Living Compassion are cooperating in Ndola, Zambia to bring relief to a slum of almost hopeless poverty, filth and disease. Recently, said Huber, fresh running water was connected to the village for the first time ever, and such tremendous accomplishments are the inspiration for arranging urban improvement projects in other locations, including New Orleans. The Broadway Village II effort marks the first Peacestorming project on domestic soil and is a reminder, said Huber, that third-world despair and poverty exist in even the wealthiest nation on Earth.

Want to be a part of Peacestorming? Interested volunteers are encouraged to sign up online at Huber, a Buddhist monk and American Zen teacher, also plans to hold several evening group discussions in the Los Angeles area during the weekend of Peacestorming, addressing such topics as suffering, anger and inner peace as a means of further promoting community healing.

Check the Living Compassion website for times and locations.